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Our Law Firm has even long realized that individuals injured and their loved ones face challenging and numerous obstacles after an accident, outside the legal process. This adds to a stressful situation and can affect the healing process after any accident. We also realize that extra effort in listening with an ear to solving problems can further assist the client. With years of experience and our deep understanding of the complications that can follow an accident, we stand ready to help our clients find solutions to the challenges and obstacles that can arise after a serious accident. For example, we can try to find ways to secure surgery funding if our client does not have health insurance. Or if a client is in need of a rental car to get to and from work after being involved in a car wreck, we can help. If our client is displaced from work because of an accident or an injury we can try to find the client emergency financial support for their living expenses while the case is pending.

Additionally, if you ever want to meet with the owner of the Law Firm, Rhonda hunter, all you need to do is ask. While some other attorneys refuse to meet with their clients until the end of the case, if ever actually meeting their clients, the Rhonda Hunter Law Firm is different. If at any time, you want to discuss your case or have concerns about your case, just ask to meet with the Law Firm’s Founder, Rhonda Hunter and a meeting will be immediately scheduled.

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